Ashwin Ramaswami - Intro Video

Agency: Mosaic
Producer: Don Weigel
Client: Ashwin Ramaswami
Studio: AGBK
CD: Axel Gimenez
Director: Axel Gimenez
Animator/Editor: Axel Gimenez

Ashwin is a Democratic Georgia State Senate Hopeful. He is attempting to unseat Shawn Still, the Republican incumbent who has been indicted for conspiring with Trump as a fake elector trying to overthrow our election process. Soon after launch, this video got over 600K views, setting a record for Mosaic in both views and engagement from a video. 

Axel Gimenez is a commercial director specializing in scripted comedy with actors and creating engaging videos with real people.

I also am a motion designer. I can apply motion elements to live action or incorporate my sense of story into animated work.


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