Amazon Pay - Holiday Gift Guide

Inspired by the viral sensation of Unbox Therapy and the desire to step away from scripted reality and manufactured moments, Amazon Pay set the challenge: Create an unforgettable unboxing experience for their holiday gift guide.

Client: Amazon Pay
Agency: Light House Creative
PM: Nina Hazard
Studio: AGBK
CD: Axel Gimenez
Producer: Axel Gimenez
Director: Axel Gimenez
Cast of actual Amazon employees: Michelle, Vincent, Brittany, Kelly, Natasha, Ethan, Erin, Maneesha, Kris


We could do better than filming in a corporate boardroom.

As Unbox Therapy was Amazon Pay's inspiration, I wanted to take them out of that stark white environment. Instead of filming in one of their boardrooms, I suggested filming on a nearby sound stage and creating an abstract living room with small touches of holiday cheer.

A trip to Ikea

The set was created entirely from gems found at Ikea. I spent the evening before the shoot building Ikea furniture on the sound stage. Am I the only one who enjoys building Ikea furniture? - I think of them as life-size LEGOs.


Amazon Pay Holiday Gift Guide stands out as a warm, passionate, collaborative project that set the tone for the holidays.

Axel Gimenez is a commercial director specializing in scripted comedy with actors and creating engaging videos with real people.

I also am a motion designer. I can apply motion elements to live action or incorporate my sense of story into animated work.


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