Axel Gimenez
Director, Motion Designer

Over the last 10+ years, I've honed my experience and skills by working with global brands, talented teams, and leading agencies.

  • I direct and coordinate all aspects of commercial video productions, from concept development to final delivery, ensuring alignment with client objectives and brand guidelines.
  • Develop compelling narratives and visual concepts to engage target audiences and drive brand messaging.
  • Manage creative teams, including cinematographers, editors, and production assistants, to execute projects efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage project timelines, budgets, and resources to ensure on-time delivery and cost-effective production.
  • Collaborate closely with clients throughout the production process to address feedback and ensure satisfaction with the final deliverables.

How we can work together

As a solopreneur, I own and operate AGBK Productions, a full-service video production and motion design company. AGBK will become your vendor for your video or animation project, and I'll handle all the work and hire/manage team members if needed.

I'm also available as a traditional freelancer or even w2 if it makes sense to move forward in that way.

Fun Facts

Son of MX/DE immigrants


My parents took this photo moments before they arrived in New York to start their new life in the States. Yeah, dope. I know. 

Ex-Rock & Roller


Before directing commercials, I was famous in Canada. I love Canada.

Inspiring the future


I love sharing the joy of filmmaking with my daughters. Spielberg would be so proud [of me].

Latte Arteest


I am perfecting my work as an impressionistic latte artist. This piece is entitled, "Nice try, daddy, but that's not a heart."

Axel Gimenez is a commercial director specializing in scripted comedy with actors and creating engaging videos with real people.

I also am a motion designer. I can apply motion elements to live action or incorporate my sense of story into animated work.


Be my pen pal. I'll write back. Promise.