Hi Rad & Ryan!

As requested, I collected and assembled a more extensive portfolio of my work. It includes a variety of projects, including docu-style branded content, film for interactive content, run-and-gun lifestyle, real people, fashion, and comedy. The productions range from full crew and cast to solo filming.

For most of the shoots, I typically produce direct and dp. On the post side, I animate, edit, color, and mix sound. 

While I can do a lot and am happy to do so, I love having a line producer, 1st AC, Operator, hair, makeup, wardrobe, gaffer, crew, G&E, and art department. And on the post, at least a sound mixer. The selections below encompass the full range of how I work.


PS: I'm starting to work in the exciting world of Virtual Production and will share some projects as soon as they are ready.

Amazon Pay

Four spots were filmed on location in Brooklyn. I produced, directed, dp'd, edited, and colored. I also designed and animated the motion graphics.


A comedy film for the tech company HCL. This film opened their annual conference. The challenge was to help the actors with the very technical dialogue that was vetted by HCL's engineers.


These are very low-budget spots with no crew. Just me and the actors.


One traditional in-studio fashion spot. And the other is collab with a Champaign brand.

Amazon Pay Holiday Gift Guide

Filmed in Seattle on a sound stage near the Amazon Campus, this campaign had Amazon Pay employees unboxing items from the gift guide. Aside from my producing/directing/dp duties, I also was the set designer and built our set out of gems found at Ikea.

Amazon Pay Lifestyle

This was a run-and-gun shoot around the City. The actors, wardrobe and makeup, a Movi and 1st AC. Small and nimble.

Craft Syndicate

These videos are a small selection of content created for Craft Syndicate - a contest for musicians, fashion designers, and artists. I created branded docu-style social videos as a one-man production.

The Big Ad Gig

A contest sponsored by several ad agencies and the New York Times to find the next great advertising talent. I directed several pieces of video for the call to action and all the interactive portions of the online contest.


Axel Gimenez is a commercial director that specializes in comedy and lifestyle.

I also direct episodic+film in various genres, including sci-fi, horror, and the absurd.

I like my commercials funny and heartfelt. And my narrative dark. Very dark.

It's like Yin & Yang—Fire & Ice. 


I'm an independent director :)

Be my pen pal. I'll write back. Promise.