Hi Andrea!

I hope you had a great summer. It was lovely meeting you at PTTOW in the Hamptons (about a month ago).  

I wanted to make this super-secret-special webpage on my site for you to understand what I do as a commercial filmmaker.

I found your website and loved the work that you do. Below, I compiled some of my work that would complement some of what you do.

If the opportunity is there, I think we would work well together.


Amazon Pay, Digital Wallet

One of four fun videos created to promote new Amazon Pay tools & features. 

Craft Syndicate

Rick Ross & Ray Murray (Organised Noise) at the venerable Stankonia studio in Atlanta. One of many videos that are part of a branded doc-series.

Marchesa + Beau Joie

Video to showcase the unique limited collaboration between Marchesa & Beau Joie Champagne.


Commissioned by NYC EDC (Economic Development Corporation) and filmed entirely on an iPhone.

I call myself a commercial filmmaker because I usually take projects from start to finish, unlike a director. I'm fluid and work with crews (Amazon) or solo in natural light with an iPhone ( NYC EDC). But no matter how it gets done, I get the results:

“It melted my cold, jaded heart. Haha. Great work.”  

“We loved your video; Gwen said it brought tears to her eyes!!”

"OMG, I love this video you sent! And you shot it on your iPhone! That is amazing!"  

Yeah, they're funny comments, but I love making people feel something instead of just selling them something. :)


310-403-8198 (NY Based)


Axel Gimenez is a commercial director that specializes in comedy and lifestyle.

I also direct episodic+film in various genres, including sci-fi, horror, and the absurd.

I like my commercials funny and heartfelt. And my narrative dark. Very dark.

It's like Yin & Yang—Fire & Ice. 


I'm an independent director :)

Be my pen pal. I'll write back. Promise.