Axel Gimenez

Comedy & Lifestyle Commercial Director

Videos so good, they'll make you cry*

Axel is a commercial director specializing in comedy, lifestyle, and branded documentary.
You know, human moments.

This video is a branded doc for NYC EDC, filmed entirely on an iPhone...

"OMG, I love this video you sent! And you shot it on your iPhone! That is amazing!"

“It melted my cold, jaded heart. Haha. Great work."

...Thanks! Yeah, it's true; this short branded doc for NYC EDC is a heartfelt testament to innovative initiatives and technology saving our environment. Thanks EDC!

Please note that only published projects are visible in the portfolio grid.

As a former agency creative (BBDO NY, Atmosphere Proximity and Organic), I'm your inside man. Unlike other directors, I understand the development process because I’ve been there.

I combine the malarky of creative genius with the pragmatism of the commercial business to push the creative in all the right ways. As a partner, you can trust me to get the job done in a buttoned-up manner; so professional, it's fun. Whaaaaat?

Nine out of ten brands agree.


The tenth brand doesn’t know how to have fun.


Axel Gimenez is a commercial director that specializes in comedy and lifestyle.

I also direct episodic+film in various genres, including sci-fi, horror, and the absurd.

I like my commercials funny and heartfelt. And my narrative dark. Very dark.

It's like Yin & Yang—Fire & Ice. 


I'm an independent director :)

Be my pen pal. I'll write back. Promise.