Axel Gimenez

Director | Motion Artist • 310-403-8198 • NYC Based

Hi Dave and Marie,

I hope this page finds you well :). 

I love that McKee Wallwork states, "Marketing is expressing your identity to your audience by the most effective means necessary." I couldn't agree more.

I've been in marketing for over ten years, creating content for some of the best-known global brands. I've also used that experience to help brands with small budgets look their best.

When a business needs to express its identity through an anthem video, explainer, or social media, I help bring it to life.

Below, I've collected some examples of my work. 

I think I would be a good collaborator when you are looking to create videos and animations for your clients.

I wish you the best,


Amazon Pay | Benefits

A Campaign for Amazon Pay's benefits. I directed and produced these spots with a modest budget, so we had a proper crew and cast. I also designed and animated all on-screen graphics, colored, edited, and delivered the final spots to Amazon.

Brand Anthems & Documentaries

A collection of filmed and animated brand anthems and documentaries.

NYC | EDC Prop Tech Program Documentary

Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics

Convera | Student Global Pay Overview

Motion Graphics Design, Animation, Illustration

HCL | Volt MX Promo

Motion Graphics Design, Animation, Editing

Work as a Motion Artist

This is a large mix of work that utilizes my broad skill set, including motion design, animation, illustration, and editing.

Dubai Tourism | Website promo

Motion Graphics Design, Animation

Emirates Airlines | Hello Chicago social contest call to entry

Motion Graphics Design, Animation

We Make | Brand Anthem

Motion Graphics Design, Animation

Visa Checkout | TV Broadcast Commercial

Motion Graphics Design, Animation

Afterpay | Afterpay IQ Promo

Motion Graphics Design, Animation

Amazon Pay | YAUI Social Campaign “Request a refund.”

Motion Graphics Design, Animation

Want to see more? There's more to share. Please LMK what you'd be interested in seeing.

A little about myself:

Son of Mexican-German, immigrants


My parents took this photo moments before they arrived in New York to start their new life in the States. Yeah, dope. I know. 

Ex-Rock & Roller


Before directing commercials, I was famous in Canada. I love Canada.

Inspiring the future


I love sharing the joy of filmmaking with my daughters. Spielberg would be so proud [of me].

Latte Arteest


I am perfecting my work as an impressionistic latte artist. This piece is entitled, "Nice try, daddy, but that's not a heart."

Axel Gimenez

Director | Motion Artist • 310-403-8198 • NYC Based